Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Weigh In - Week 20 & 21

In terms of weight loss, I've definitely been back on form - 3.4lbs lost last Monday and then 2.3lbs this Monday. Whoop! Good to see those numbers moving down and I think I might be looking a bit slimmer too. Feeling more positive about the weight loss though...like I will actually get there...!

My hand is markedly better now so I can do things that are also helping me feel better about myself - like dry my hair properly, putting make-up on, etc. and also I don't have a giant splint on my arm... Function still isn't fully back and some things still hurt, but, I am a lot better now and nearly feel normal (still using my left hand for my computer mouse).

I am now good to drive. I bought a car on the weekend and it broke down half an hour away from the garage and had to be towed back. I asked for a refund because I wouldn't be able to trust the car after that and it really wasn't what I needed after a crash...being stuck in the road with a car whose engine kept cutting out. But, gah, I miss driving.

On the downside, I think my scales are super wrong - the ones at my boyfriends put me at a stone heavier and if I move my scales, they put me at a stone heavier too. I suppose the difference between weigh ins is still the same. But, I have previous experience of weight loss and I know what actual weight I want to be at, so, at some point that will become relevant. Sigh.