Saturday, 24 November 2012

Weigh In - Week 7

I've lost 3.2lbs this week, which kind of evens out my less than inspiring loss last week! This takes my weight 0.3lbs under 19 stone. I know that's the teeniest amount, but, it was a lovely surprise seeing myself in the 18 stones! Last time I lost a significant amount of weight I was around 18 stone, so, it feels like coming back to somewhere a bit more familiar.

I went to the pub last night, I didn't drink because I can't be bothered with the alcohol calories, I was driving and I didn't want to get back to find a trapped mouse and be toppling over and unable to drive it to a new home. I had a nice time. But as we were leaving my male (very intoxicated) friend jumped on my back. And it pissed me right off. For starters, it hurt, he's got a bit of weight on him and he's about 6ft (I'm 5ft9). But, what annoyed me was that common perception that you're "one of the lads" when you're fat. I'm really not. I suppose I swear a bit too much and I don't wear dresses or heels but that's because at my weight they make me look like a drag queen. But, I do a super girly job, I get excited about sappy things only a girl would and just because I'm fat doesn't mean I'm strong! My poor spine! Would he have done that if I were a size 12? No. Not that I've taken major offence, I know he didn't mean it to have all those connotations, but, I hate being slapped with those little glimpses of how people see me, when I'm otherwise not really thinking about my weight.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Weigh In - Week 6

I lost 0.6lbs this week. Tragic! I'm a bit confused by the low loss, to be honest, but, at least the numbers are still going down. I can only think that since the mouse infestation in my flat, I've been super dehydrated (because I'm paranoid the mouse is going to have walked over my glass if I leave it anywhere) and I haven't been sticking to my exercise routine because I've been sleep deprived. I'm hoping it was just a bad set of circumstances today and I'll see a big loss next week to make up for it. Fingers crossed! On the upside I have achieved my pledge of losing a stone (14lbs) before Christmas! And it's not even December yet!

I really think this week has shown me the power of habit. In other circumstances the stress of being exhausted and having mice scurrying around would have pushed me to massively overeat, under a blanket, watching a film, to make me feel better and help me push through the tiredness. But, after five/six weeks of watching the quantity I eat, it just didn't really cross my mind in a serious way. I also noticed last week that I just can't eat lots like I used to - I bought some chocolate nibbles for my friends to come round, but, plans ended up changing and I ended up eating said nibbles (an amount that fitted with my calorie limit) and I felt so ill afterwards! I think I felt sick all the time before, constantly suffering from being fuller than I ever needed to be.

Hope you guys are having a good weekend! I am having a freezing cold break from work.

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Weigh In - Week 5

So this week I lost 1.6lbs. Well, I accidentally moved my scales the other day so I did several measurements today and that was the lowest after I found the ridges in the carpet! So, it might be on the optimistic side. Either way - all of the measurements from today take me under a BMI of 40. I don't set much store by the whole BMI thing (not that I don't acknowledge I'm obese!), but, I have gone from Class III to Class II Obsese. Hooray for me, eh?

I definitely haven't been perfect this week. Not that I'm in any kind of turmoil or about the throw in the towel. I'm completely unfazed by it. The reason I chose to lose weight by increasing my activity and cutting back on my calorie intake, rather than some super severe programme that didn't allow for deviation was, well, in part because I have done those before and while I lost a lot of weight, they often put my energy levels at zero and more importantly, I always put the weight back on with another couple of stone. This time I wanted to do it slowly and steadily, in a sustainable way, that eases me into maintenance, but also let's me live my life - I didn't want to be in a situation where an invitation for a meal out was either a massive test of my will- power or an excuse to go off the rails. So, yes, this week has been a bit unsettled. Part of my job is meeting with clients and this is generally in coffee shops or pubs, where I did indulge in hot chocolate and coke respectively, this week. And then on Wednesday my boyfriend and I piled three dates into one day (we don't get the chance that often with me working on the weekends), including a meal with pizza and a big chocolatey dessert. But, I tracked them all and am ok with my choices. What's important is that I didn't use having a pizza and dessert as an excuse to eat everything I wanted! So I still ended up eating a lot less than I would have done just over a month ago.

What is more of an issue, I feel, is that my water consumption has been appalling because I've been rushing around a lot. One of the good things that did come out of doing meal replacement diets, was that I got very good at drinking water (on LighterLife I drank six litres a day) and it's no longer a chore for me. So I really feel it when I don't keep it up - I get headaches and I think the scales show a higher weight.

Enough of that rambling! I was flicking through the photos on my phone the other day and I found a shot of me trying on some new jeans and a top, I happened to be wearing the same outfit so thought I'd do a comparison photo. At my weight, losing over a stone doesn't seem like much and I definitely haven't been able to see it, even if my jeans have been a bit looser. But seeing how tight that top was when it was new, compared to how it fits now is the first real visible marker of my progress. Happy! Obviously I have a long way to go, so, don't think I'm looking for comments about what a transformation I've made!

Check out my odd socks...!

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Weigh In - Week 4

Quick update for you because I've been a busy bee today - working this morning and then fireworks this evening and finally have some time with the boyfriend!

But, I've lost 3.9lbs this week! Very pleased as I was definitely struggling this week with post holiday/illness stress and not exercising. So, yes, very pleased! I am also noticing the jeans I bought at the start of this journey are on the big side now - which is great as I can't really see a difference, what with having so far to go...

Hope you're all enjoying your weekend! x