Saturday, 17 November 2012

Weigh In - Week 6

I lost 0.6lbs this week. Tragic! I'm a bit confused by the low loss, to be honest, but, at least the numbers are still going down. I can only think that since the mouse infestation in my flat, I've been super dehydrated (because I'm paranoid the mouse is going to have walked over my glass if I leave it anywhere) and I haven't been sticking to my exercise routine because I've been sleep deprived. I'm hoping it was just a bad set of circumstances today and I'll see a big loss next week to make up for it. Fingers crossed! On the upside I have achieved my pledge of losing a stone (14lbs) before Christmas! And it's not even December yet!

I really think this week has shown me the power of habit. In other circumstances the stress of being exhausted and having mice scurrying around would have pushed me to massively overeat, under a blanket, watching a film, to make me feel better and help me push through the tiredness. But, after five/six weeks of watching the quantity I eat, it just didn't really cross my mind in a serious way. I also noticed last week that I just can't eat lots like I used to - I bought some chocolate nibbles for my friends to come round, but, plans ended up changing and I ended up eating said nibbles (an amount that fitted with my calorie limit) and I felt so ill afterwards! I think I felt sick all the time before, constantly suffering from being fuller than I ever needed to be.

Hope you guys are having a good weekend! I am having a freezing cold break from work.


  1. That's fantastic, you reached your first goal and it's not even December yet.

    We caught a mouse a couple weeks ago on one of those sticky glue traps. I felt so sorry for the little thing, nobody had the heart to kill it so we found out how to let them go free. We took it a few miles away from our house into a big field and poured a little bit of olive oil on the sticky trap. It was able to start wiggling it's way to freedom. So from now on when we catch one we can be a bit more humane and won't have to kill Mickey.

    1. Thanks :-)

      I've ordered some humane traps online (as all the ones in the shops near me are killer traps) so I'm hoping Mr Mouse will climb on in so I can set him free. Not sure though! While I'm waiting, I made a make-shift [humane] trap and he hasn't been near it, so... I have major vegetarian guilt about killing spiders, never mind little mice!! So, I think I'm giving the mice until the end of next week, then I'll get pest control to put poison down because I don't want to be overwhelmed with mice, sad! x