Saturday, 24 November 2012

Weigh In - Week 7

I've lost 3.2lbs this week, which kind of evens out my less than inspiring loss last week! This takes my weight 0.3lbs under 19 stone. I know that's the teeniest amount, but, it was a lovely surprise seeing myself in the 18 stones! Last time I lost a significant amount of weight I was around 18 stone, so, it feels like coming back to somewhere a bit more familiar.

I went to the pub last night, I didn't drink because I can't be bothered with the alcohol calories, I was driving and I didn't want to get back to find a trapped mouse and be toppling over and unable to drive it to a new home. I had a nice time. But as we were leaving my male (very intoxicated) friend jumped on my back. And it pissed me right off. For starters, it hurt, he's got a bit of weight on him and he's about 6ft (I'm 5ft9). But, what annoyed me was that common perception that you're "one of the lads" when you're fat. I'm really not. I suppose I swear a bit too much and I don't wear dresses or heels but that's because at my weight they make me look like a drag queen. But, I do a super girly job, I get excited about sappy things only a girl would and just because I'm fat doesn't mean I'm strong! My poor spine! Would he have done that if I were a size 12? No. Not that I've taken major offence, I know he didn't mean it to have all those connotations, but, I hate being slapped with those little glimpses of how people see me, when I'm otherwise not really thinking about my weight.


  1. Huge well done on the losss.. 3.2lbs is loads in a week! I don't think i will lose any this week.. sigh! Never mind! Totally get what you mean about ppl thinking your not girly just because we are overweight... I read this great quote on Pintrest which was "Life isn't about finding yourself it's about creating yourself" ...!! x

    1. Thank you! Oh, you never know! I was perfect last week and lost next to nothing, whereas, this week I had a day where I went a bit crazy and I did really well...!

      Ack, I know - it's like they think you've lost the right to be feminine - love the Pinterest quote, let's start creating...!