Sunday, 2 December 2012

Weigh In - Week 8

A late weigh in post for you here, yesterday was super busy! I had a client meeting that went on about three times longer than they usually do, then I went to a Christmas tree farm (and then some serious manual labour, on the part of my boyfriend, was needed to actually put the tree up) and then we went to see Twilight, which was super awful and I kind of hate myself for watching all of them. Haha.

Anyway, at yesterdays weigh in, I saw a gain of 0.5lbs, which I was pretty irritated and down about as I weigh myself near enough everyday and had seen at least a 1.5lb loss up until yesterday (and today, again, I saw a loss), so, feel like it was a bit of a fluke - probably down to some time-of-the-month bloating. Alas. While I went out for two meals last week, I was careful to track them and I only ate breakfast before and hadn't actually gone over my calorie limit.

Today though, armed with the disappointment of a gain when I didn't feel it was deserved, I drove my boyfriend to the train station and my car was making horrific noises, like I was in some suped up idiot-mobile. We got out and my exhaust is pretty much hanging on by a thread (which apparently happened since last night when I drove it and it was fine...). I had intended to go to the supermarket after dropping him off and I'd have just had time to get a few things before they closed, but, I ended up taking the car home in case it fell apart. I was feeling kind of depressingly trapped knowing I couldn't get in my car (and nowhere within walking distance is open), so, I ended up ordering pizza, I'd worked out how many slices I could have to stay in my calorie limit, but, I ate more. It was rubbish, it didn't taste particularly nice, I felt super sick and now my flat smells like grease. Altogether a rather unsatisfying episode that I will put behind me and hopefully, if I'm a model student the rest of the week, I'll still see a loss on the scales.

On the up side, I got a load of clothes I ordered online this week because I really need some new jeans as mine keep falling down - I wasn't really happy with any of the jeans (my legs are an awkward length between long and regular jeans, so, often jeans are too short), but, I got some tops in a size smaller than I was wearing before, which was nice. My skin also looks a lot better than it did before, which is partly due to my new obsession with anti-wrinkle creams because I've developed frown lines, but, also, I'm sure because I'm not treating pizza like it's my only food group.

Oh and also - I've seen no mice for nearly a week now (I think), so, I am feeling a little less like I'm in the middle of a breakdown - I still jump when the pipes creak, but, I'm not obsessively staring at the traps every ten minutes or waking up in the night dreaming about them, so, that's really good. I did kind of have a mini breakdown about it last week and ended up crying hysterically on the phone to my Mum saying I couldn't remember what it was like not to have my life consumed by the thought of mice. So, I'm hoping I can get my life back on track now and start thinking about myself again and get back into my exercise routine, not walking around all day dazed because I'm functioning on three hours sleep a night. Hooray.


  1. I know that feeling Lol! When you can't sleep because you keep looking over at the mouse traps to see if they have been caught yet. I am the same way with spiders, if I see one in my room, I just can't sleep until it's dead

    1. Haha, yeah. Worst feeling! I'm always convinced if a spider lives it will crawl into my mouth. Ugh.