Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Angry Day

I definitely have a temper and I also can wind myself up into a bit of an, "I hate everything," frenzy, like I'm a hormonal [maybe I'm a little hormonal right now...] fourteen year old. Cue phone support because my Internet isn't working properly and me stomping around muttering swear words under my breath afterwards.

Since recovering from my flu (although, I still have a lingering cough), I've got back to work. I am self-employed and my company is just me, it's pretty much my busiest time of year and being ill have thrown everything off - I've missed deadlines and have clients asking what's going on and then Christmas cut-offs to try to beat too. I am stress, stress, stressed! So, of course, little things that are minor inconveniences I wouldn't notice have blown up in my head into massive slights on me personally. So, I am angry today and I was angry yesterday and tomorrow, well, I may well still be angry.

The thing is, I find it really hard to relax, I often think one of the main reasons I overeat is that I don't actually know how to relax without food. And I have definitely run into this obstacle over the last few days, I have some chocolates stashed in my cupboard that I bought in Norway and I have definitely gone to town on those a bit more than I should have. Working from home means I'm always a few feet away from my work and sometimes I feel like the only way to be fully away from work/have "met time" is to be stuffing my face on the sofa in front of the TV. But, I am fighting back against myself, it's just more of an internal struggle than usual.

Oh and I don't think I'd realised that my flu was doing a great job of suppressing my appetite - now it's back with a vengeance and is screaming, "chocolate!"

The other thing I discovered today, was that I was grossly under-estimating how many calories I was eating for breakfast. Today I weighed my cereal and it turns out, including milk I've been eating over 600 calories for breakfast and tracking it at under 400. I am going to have to reel this in starting tomorrow and re-think my overly sugary, yummy breakfast choices. I should just eat Weetabix. After all, breakfast is the meal where I have the most resolve...!


  1. I love sugary breakfast cereals also, Whenever, and I mean WHEN EVER I have the choice between the good stuff (Raisin Bran) and the bad stuff (Chocolate filled chocolate puffs) I always make the worst choice. I use a measuring cup to portion out the serving, so at least I can count the calories properly, but I sure know how you feel about liking yummy cereals.

    It's awesome that you have your own business going that allows you to work from home.

  2. I know, they're so good! But, yeah, I've started weighing them, so, it's just less sugary cereal...

    Oh yeah, most of the time I love it and it definitely was amazing quitting my job to do it full-time! But, unfortunately, it does mean it's all on me when things go wrong and there's no one to help...!

  3. Hey just to let you know I nominated you for the Liebster Award here is the link