Monday, 15 October 2012


I'm going on holiday tomorrow (very excited! And my first break from work since, well, last October!) so I'm not expecting a loss this week, but, I'll be doing lots of walking so hopefully I'll stay at the same weight. I'm also going to continue to track my food so that I am at least mindful of what I'm doing!

Anyway, I love Christmas and I happened up the Where Are My Knees? 10 week pledge and I'm all over that. I've set myself a goal of a stone for Christmas which I feel is more than doable. Little goals are a great help too when it's going to be such a long journey!

Have a great week guys while I sun myself somewhere beautiful (in clothes that only expose my head and hands, obviously, heh...) x


  1. Good luck on your holiday just be sensible and avoid anything thats creamy or cheese and you'll be okay! xx

    1. Thank you! I went to Italy so cheese and cream were kind of hard to avoid, but, I still managed to lose weight with all the walking! Very pleased! x