Saturday, 20 October 2012

Weigh In - Week 2

So, I am back from my holiday and have super flu that, combined with the flight back, has left me pretty much deaf. Fantastic! The problem with working from home is that I am no longer used to being in enclosed spaces with a load of germ-ridden people (as opposed to when I commuted to work by train) and pair that with the gross recycled air of a plane, I was bound to get sick I suppose. Hmm. Anyway, it didn't properly take hold until I got off the plane, when I crashed and could barely move from sicky exhaustion (my boyfriend should get much credit for being the perfect nurse, forcing Lemsip down my throat and forcing me to eat when I really didn't want to) so it didn't negatively impact the holiday too much.

The holiday was lovely and on the weight loss front - I had imagined the amount of walking might off-set the food I was going to eat, but, really, I didn't eat all that badly. I averaged about 5 hours walking a day (coming in at over 2,000 additional calories burnt a day!) and, of course, being in Italy, I ate a fair amount of pizza and ice cream, but, I passed up the sugary drinks for water and was sure to eat some kind of fruit and veg! I wouldn't say I was eating with "dieting" in mind, but, making a note of what I was eating each day definitely kept it in the back of my mind.

I've lost 5.2lbs this week, taking me to a grand total of 10.8lbs in two weeks! That also takes me 9.2lbs away from my 1 stone target for Christmas! I am pretty happy with that as I really didn't anticipate any loss! Of course, I am taking that with a pinch of salt, as I weighed myself at around 4.30pm today and had only eaten a banana and had very little to drink all day due to illness, so, I think that the scales might be showing a bigger loss than it ought to.

If this makes no sense, blame it on the fever! x


  1. Congrats on the lbs lost! That's a great job! You need a follower button ;) just saying so people like me can follow you. That is, unless you don't want followers. :D

    1. Good thinking!! :-) Done (I think...)!

      Thank you! xx