Monday, 22 October 2012

On the flu & exercise

Let's try stating an obvious fact - I hate being ill. Ugh. Not being able to sleep because of coughing fits and horrible fever dreams (about frozen corpses - lesson learnt, don't watch both Pushing Daisies boxsets back to back and expect your dreams not to be plagued by elaborate, brightly coloured deaths). Oh and my body just aches so much... But, what really bothers me is that this seems to happen a fair bit, I start off really well on a new regime and get chopped down by some stupid virus. I don't really feel like I'm floundering that much, while curling up on the sofa with a load of junk food does sound kind of comforting, I'm happy to calorie count and even make room for copious amouts on honey-ladden drinks and Lucozade (is it just me that feels like no virus can be beaten without Lucozade because it's always been my Mum's response to illness to bring home some "Luke-y"? Now I don't live at home any more she still came round with a big bottle of the orange stuff to make me feel better). Living off tins of soup and cereal probably isn't the healthiest though...

What's really annoying is that I can't exercise, I feel like air isn't even making it into my lungs and I might topple over if I move too quickly. So, that is a real shame as my calorie allowance is based on that exercise (well,  I will still lose weight without the exercise but not at the rate I'd like). In fact, I have been weighing myself and my weigh in did seem accurate!

Oh and I sucked it up and put my picture over there on the right in my profile. I kind of didn't want to because what if (dun dun dun) someone should find this and recognise me?! I did even avoid saying where I was going on holiday in case someone should figure it out, but, whatever, I am being silly! The only real concern is all my friends are itty-bitty and I imagine that finding out I weigh more than double them would blow their minds. But, it's really only the reality of the numbers that concern me because, well, I'm sure they know I'm big and can guess my clothes size, but, that massive number of the scales?! I don't know if it's even occurred to them that a human weighs that much...!


  1. I hate when I get sick, breathing is hard enough as it is without a virus kicking my butt.
    I love the picture though, I have been too shy to put an actual picture of myself up on my blog yet, but maybe down the road I will have enough courage to do what you have.

    1. It sucks. But, everyone gets ill, I suppose... And I could do with eating more vitamins...

      Thank you :-) Notice I chose one where half my face I'd covered by hair! Heh. I'm sure you will at some point - I just realised my major fear in admitting who I was, was that if I didn't succeed all those numbers and uncomfortable facts about my weight would be out there and wouldn't have changed, but, I don't plan on failing, so, I don't mind if people know what I used to weigh when I'm off to somewhere better... x